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Begonia Ball, Oil on Canvas, 19" x 19"


This series is an homage to a childhood memory and family lore. These were all painted from the offspring of…

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Pemaquid, Oil on Dibond, 12" x 12"


I have been painting in Maine my entire adult life, from the coast to the mountains. So many artists that have…

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Surf 8, Oil on board, 22" x 16"

Cape Cod

Growing up south of Boston, we visited Cape Cod very often to see family, go fishing, or spend a day…

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Bend in the River 1, Oil on Dibond, 12" x 12"


“The 413” is a local nickname for Western Massachusetts, being the area code for this part of the state. Comprised…

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Upstairs, oil on panel, 16" x 22"


The universe is a dark place until light is applied to it. This is as true on a bright and…

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Downstairs #2, Oil on Canvas 25 x 18

Buildings & Interiors

There are few places in nature where perfectly straight lines exist, except maybe the horizon, and even that is slightly…

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Cast Iron Pan, Oil on Canvas, 8” x 8”

Dark Objects

Conceived as a series of "black on black" paintings, I made a box to place dark objects into, painted it…

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Preparators, Nymphs, and a Satyr, Oil on Canvas, 38” x 38”


In addition to painting, I also work in the museum industry as a freelance designer, preparator, framer, and fabricator. Preparing…

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Plein Air

Working outside, in the open air, is a very different experience than working in the studio. The light is ever…

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Repoman, Oil on Dibond, 12" x 12"

Film Stills & Album Covers

I love the movies, movie posters, and film stills. I also love album covers. These were the first artworks I…

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Tom Shows Us How, Oil on Canvas, 24" x 24"


The human figure interests me mostly as an actor on a stage. Of course there is poetry purely in the…

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Whiskey, Oil on panel, 8" x 8"

Still Life

Very often I find the need to study something intently in the controlled environment of the studio. There’s a meditative…

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Birch Branch, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 14"


Landscape painting is the one constant thread through my life of trying to figure out what this painting thing is…

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